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Mamak – Chatswood


Every Sydney food blog needs a post about Mamak so here it is;

If you want to go to Mamak and que up in a slightly shorter line than there city location, then Chatswood is the place to go.  A lot has been said about their now semi famous roti’s and still people are lining up day in and day out to get a feed there.

I have been to the Haymarket store a few times but this was my first time to Chatswood. Just as with their city store, you are able to see inside the kitchen and watch the chefs fling around some roti. Inside there is not much in the way of decor, just a large open space with some pictures on the wall. The tilled floor and the open plan design makes it very loud when it’s busy (which is most of the time).

The Ayam Goreng looks great, nice colour and crispy skin; however I found that the flavour in the skin overpowered the flavour of the meat. I found myself wanting to order more just for the skin.

Of course a trip to Mamak would be incomplete without some Rotis. On this trip, I opted for Roti Canai and Roti Planta. The Roti Canai is great for soaking up the dipping sauces. Whereas the Roti Planta with its buttery-ness was delicious on its own. Mee Goreng has nice thick noodles is a bit spicy with some tomato and cucumber on the side.

Be it Chatswood or Haymarket the food is excellent however I feel that the buzz around Mamak is lost on me. Yes the food is great and it is well priced. But is the length of the line based upon the food or also is there an element of the bandwagon effect going on here? What do you think?


Ayam Goring – $12 for 4 or $3.50 each

Roti Canai – $5

Roti Planta – $6

Mee goreng $11.5



Shop P9, 1-5 Railway St, Chatswood
Chatswood, 2067


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