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Elzein is a bakery that specialises in Lebanese style pizzas. They are a little different from what most are used to, as they have no tomato sauce as a base flavor. The name pizza is probably only been adopted because they most resemble pizza more then any other food and have a similar cooking method.

They come in a few flavors, plain cheese, cheese tomato, cheese tomato and olive, meat, oregano,   and oregano with cheese. There are two types of cheese that are used whenever a pizza with come with cheese.

They are a great light meal only costing a few dolars each. Two types of cheese are used, I’m not sure which two as i have not been able to figure it out. The pizzas are slightly salting in a pleasing way as the tomato custs through the saltyness with a slight sweatness. The oregano pizzas are quintessential Lebanese, when I was last in Lebanon I ate one almost every day for breakfast. Its just the zartar herb with oil cooked on the thin base very simple but tasty.

The shop itself is quite small and there are a few tables to sit at outside, however most of there business is takeaway trade. In the 5  minutes that i was waiting for my pizzas, i saw 3 families pick up 10 pizzas for their Sunday afternoon lunch. Watching the pizzas coming out of the oven really gets your appetite going, the golden brown pizzas look delicious and the smell of them cooling on the work bench makes you want to order a couple more for left overs the next day.

Traditionally the oregano pizzas are folded over to resemble a wrap, some fillings are added olive and tomato and you have a good quick snack.


Elzein Bakery 5 Elzein Bakery   Arncliffe

1 meat and cheese, 3 cheese and tomato, 1 plain cheese and right up the back is an oregano pizza


Elzein Bakery 1 Elzein Bakery   Arncliffe

Manush – Oregano with olives and tomato. This is usually folded over and eaten like a wrap

Elzein Bakery 4 Elzein Bakery   Arncliffe

Those 3 cheese and tomato pizzas are all mine


Elzein Bakery 2 Elzein Bakery   Arncliffe

Mini meat pizzas cooling on the work bench.


IMGP4849aa Elzein Bakery   Arncliffe

Plain oregano pizza (Zataar)

Elzein Bakery 3a Elzein Bakery   Arncliffe

Spinach parcels


IMGP4860a Elzein Bakery   Arncliffe

Cheese tomoato pizzza, sitting on the bonnet of my car, about to be eaten

Elzein Bakery 6 Elzein Bakery   Arncliffe


Elzein Bakery
(02) 9556 3136
1 Firth St – Arncliffe, 2205

minilogo Elzein Bakery   Arncliffe

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