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Home Thai is a busy Sussex street restaurant; you will find ques of people waiting to get in on most nights. Put your name on the list at the front door and wait for your number to be called. It has a big open kitchen that you can see into from the street. I like to look in to see all the action going on makes the wait for a table go by quick.

This time I get to the restaurant quite early about 5:30 there are a few small tables with wooden stools at the front of the restaurant not taken so didn’t have to wait. If you wanted to have a relaxed dinner probably best to wait for a proper table but for a quick feed they are fine.   I take a seat and the waitress comes to the table and whips out an iPad to take the order ( I guess the is an app for everything these days). It is a busy place so sometimes its hard to get the attention of a waitress. However even with the restaurant full the food comes out quick.

The food here is very good and cheap $10 for a pad Thai. There is a generous serving size I also like that the sugar, chilli and nuts are all kept separate so you can add to suit your taste. Penang curry has a great flavour with a bit of heat to it but not overpowering. I have had other things on the menu from previous visits and they were also good. I like Home Thai and will defiantly eat here again.


PAD THAI ผัดไท $10.50

PANANG แพนง – $12.90 – Rice $2



Home Thai Restaurant
299 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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