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I was at  Watermoon my brother’s birthday a few weeks ago (well more like a month so I’m a bit slack in putting this post up). There was a group of about 10 so I got to try a wide variety of things from the menu. The restaurant is quite large but spread out over different levels, the bar area has  an impressive line up of Sake bottles which looks cool and gives the place a Japanese feel.

Service was quick and it wasn’t long after we ordered that a steady stream of food was coming to the table, I got some pics of the ones that were placed near me.  Tempura Gyoza is excellent amazing flavour my fav dish of the night. Sushi and Sashimi was fresh and well presented.  Tasting plates of Roasted Duck and BBQ Calamari were nice and got devoured by the table quite quickly.

All the food was very tasty and also good value. I will defiantly be back here again!


Water Moon www.upforafeed.com  Watermoon – Potts Point


Water Moon www.upforafeed.com 2 Watermoon – Potts Point


Water Moon www.upforafeed.com 2 2 Watermoon – Potts Point

Sushi Plate (17 peice + 8 rolls) – $40.80

Water Moon www.upforafeed.com 3 Watermoon – Potts Point

Tempura Gyoza – $7.50

Water Moon www.upforafeed.com 4 Watermoon – Potts Point

Samon Rolls – $5

Watermoon www.upforafeed.com  Watermoon – Potts Point

Seaweed Salad – $9.80

Watermoon www.upforafeed.com 2 Watermoon – Potts Point

BBQ Calamari – $8.80

Watermoon www.upforafeed.com 3 Watermoon – Potts Point

Roasted Duck – $7.50

Watermoon www.upforafeed.com 4 Watermoon – Potts Point


Watermoon www.upforafeed.com 5 Watermoon – Potts Point


176 Victoria St
Potts Point, 2011


  minilogo Watermoon – Potts Point

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2 Responses to “Watermoon – Potts Point”

  1. January 9, 2012 at 10:22 am #

    I’ve never seen tempura gyoza on a menu before. I’m glad to hear that it was really nice!
    All the food looks vibrant and delicious. I’m a sucker for good Japanese food!

    • Joseph
      January 9, 2012 at 7:24 pm #

      Yea its not that common to find on menu’s , don’t think I have had them anywhere else…They are so good :0

      Im a big fan of watermoon , food is really good and very reasonably priced.

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