The Snow


“You went skiing?”, that was the standard response when i told friends that Kate and I went to the snow. And yes, we did go skiing. There was plenty of snow, check the last picture for a look at the mountain. There are a few interesting places to eat at down at the snow. But being the long weekend we were faced with few choices, this was not the disaster that I thought it would be. Our second night in Jindabyne we decided to check out the Alpinelarder; a restaurant inside the Lake Crackenback Resort.


Slow roasted suckling pig, dauphinoise potato, dutch carrots and apple sauce $29

This was a house specialty and it was cooked to perfections, the crackling was brittle on top but supple underneath.

Roast pumpkin – roasted butternut pumpkin, baby spinach, pine nuts, lemon, parmesan $18

The pasta was average with nothing special to go on about with regards to taste but the serving size was HUGE. That bowl is the size of a salad bowl!

Alpinelarder – Lake Crackenback Resort

1650 Alpine Way, Crackenback, NSW 2627

The Banjo Patterson Inn is situated on the left hand side of the road that heads into Jindabyne. It was the only place open during the public holiday.  The Banjo Patterson Inn also brews their own beer on site, The Kosciuszko Pale Ale.

We were told by the staff that the bottled beer is not the same as what is on tap. So if you like the bottled Kosciuszko Pale ale, you will love the it when you taste it on tap. The tap beer was really crisp and fresh with an slight fruity aftertaste.

Vegitarian pasta – Chilli, pumpkin, lots of cheese. $18.99

The special – Grilled pork with a roast apple and cream sauce. Ok, so i went overboard with the salad bar(it was self service). $21.99

Lemon tart with rasberry coulis and icecream $8.99

Caramel mudcake, icecream and raspberry coulis $8.99

I have found that the sweetness in pub deserts can be over the top but that was not the case, even for this mudcake.

Overall the deserts were surprisingly good for a pub.

Kate and I in the Kosciuszko brewery, all the Kosciuszko Pale ale for the hotel is brewed on site.

The view from the top of Mount Perisher.


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  • Reply Vivian - vxdollface November 2, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    haha i always go crazy with the self serve salad bars e.g. sizzler!

    • Reply Paul November 2, 2011 at 11:50 pm

      Sizzler had the best cheese bread ever. That was over 20 years ago though, not too sure what it taste like now?

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