La Bodeguita del Medio


La Bodeguita Del Medio  is a Cuban bar and restaurant just across the road from the QVB.  The place has a nice feel to it, writing on the walls ,  lots of pictures of Cuba the use of wood on the floors and ceilings and a band playing Cuban music. There is a very extensive rum list with 50+ rums from around the world. Mojito is one of there specialities, Ernest Hemingway was a fan of them (he wrote ‘My Mojito in La Bodeguita’ on the wall of the original bar in Cuba) and so am I.  Not to sweet with just the right amount of lime and mint.

The restaurant serves classic Cuban dishes with some modern interpretations, entrees average $18 and mains  $35.


 Mojito $14

Croquetas de malanga – Taro croquettes served with aji de gallina sauce $15 – This was one of  suggested dishes by a staff, so I decided to give it try. I liked it! The sauce was so tasty and perfect with the croquettes.

Vieiras Cubanas – Half shell scallops, queso fresco & lime dressing $21 -cooked scallops with refreshing lime dressing nicely served in open shells.

Codillo de cerdo con naranja – Pork Hock, orange mojo and tacu $32 – Tender port laid on top of a bed of mashed and pan fried potatoes.

Pato con chocolate – Duck breast, sweet potato & spinach croquants & chocolate sauce $36 – an interesting mix of flavours with the duck and the chocolate sauce. The sauce is not too sweet and complements the duck well.

Tostones – Fried plantains with Cuban aioli $8 – a green banana that has been smashed and then deep fried. Despite the fact that it is fried they were not oily at all.

Café y caramelo – Mocha dome with candied peanuts & salted caramel ice cream $14 – love the presentation of this desert. The ice cream was quite salty but it was offset buy the sweet mocha.

La Lechera $14

Joseph dined as a guest of La Bodeguita Del Medio


125 York Street, Sydney


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