Emperor’s Garden


I had plans to go out to dinner on a Friday night with my family but  we are all notoriously bad planners so no one had booked anything. Not only had nothing been booked, it was raining. So unable to wander around the city, we stopped at the first restaurant we came across, Emperors Garden. After being seated I commented on how I had walked past Emperor’s Garden so many times but never even had the thought to go any where other than their bakery (their emperor puffs are awesome).

Joe got the table a two course order of Peking duck, pancakes and duck San Choi Bow. To go along with the duck we also ordered a selection of dumplings, the ubiquitos steamed vegies and some Prawns in XO sauce. The services was speedy and our waiter who carved the duck at our table was a great host. He even let Joseph have a go.


Chinese www.upforafeed.com  Emperors Garden

Prawn Gow Gee $8 –  Minced prawn parcelled in rice paper.

Chinese www.upforafeed.com 3 Emperors Garden

Shanghai Dumplings $8 – Filled with pork and steaming hot, these were a great warm up for or main course.

Chinese www.upforafeed.com 2 Emperors Garden

Vegetarian Dumplings (Steamed) $8 – We are still training our family to not eat before we take photos.

Chinese www.upforafeed.com 4 Emperors Garden

Peking Duck in Two Courses $58.80 – Duck has to be the tastiest thing that flies. This guy was enough to feed 6 hungry and wet diners.

Chinese www.upforafeed.com 5 Emperors Garden

Joseph cutting up the duck

Chinese www.upforafeed.com 6 Emperors Garden

Peking duck pancake with Hosin – They only bad thing about duck pancakes is that they eventually run out.

Chinese www.upforafeed.com 7 Emperors Garden

 Duck San Choi Bow – This was the second course of our duck meal, once the pancakes are done they take the remaining duck back to the kitchen and bring out the rest as filling for San Choi Bow. Loaded with lots of water chestnuts they had a good deal of crunch to them.

Chinese www.upforafeed.com 8 Emperors Garden

King Prawns Hot Pot with Vermicelli in XO Chilli Sauce $28.80 – This was my first time ever having XO sauce, though i was told that XO sauce and Chilli XO sauce taste nothing alike. The vermicelli absorbed the XO sauce and the combined with the prawns, made for a great dish.

Chinese www.upforafeed.com 9 Emperors Garden

Steamed Chinese vegetables  $14.80 - It would not feel like Chinese food without steamed veggies.

Nicks Bar Grill www.upforafeed.com 8 Emperors Garden



Emperor’s Garden – 100 Hay St – Chinatown


minilogo Emperors Garden


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  1. February 16, 2012 at 4:29 pm #

    Yum who can resist Peking duck? Love the posing photo. lol

  2. February 17, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

    Peking duck is awesome. I am always trying to convince people to get a duck.

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