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Is has been a long time since my last post , too long! I had a really good at   the other day I thought is time to break my blogging drought with a post about it.

La Pesa is an Italian restaurant that serves up traditional dishes from  Milan and the Northern region of Italy. The food was all really good , generous serving sizes with friendly service. They have a weekly special early bird offer of 3 courses for 2 $59 so you could get all the food you see here for $59!.  I really enjoyed my meal there and will return again.


La Pesa  La Pesa   Darlinghurst

Cauliflower soup & bread complementary - really tasty soup that I could have eaten a bowl of it.

La Pesa 3 La Pesa   Darlinghurst

Crocketts $8

La Pesa 2 La Pesa   Darlinghurst

Fish of the day Tartar served on Potato Crisps $8 

La Pesa 4 La Pesa   Darlinghurst

Prawn pasta with pesto and garlic $29

La Pesa 5 La Pesa   Darlinghurst

Spaghetti w- King Prawns, Mussels, Fish, Cherry Tomato, Garlic, Fresh Chilli & Saffron $28

La Pesa 7 La Pesa   Darlinghurst

Homemade Classic Tiramisu $14 – I love tiramisu and this one did not disappoint.

La Pesa 6 La Pesa   Darlinghurst

Chocolate Coated Profiteroles $14

La Pesa 8 La Pesa   Darlinghurst


172-174 Liverpool St - Darlinghurst


minilogo La Pesa   Darlinghurst

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  1. December 10, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

    Everything looks so elegant and lovely – especially the tartar on the potato crisps. Yum!

  2. December 11, 2012 at 11:41 am #

    oh! I drove past the other night and have been meaning to find their website to check out their menu :) what a coincidence! the food looks great

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