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Pizza and vending machine are not two things that I would normally associate together. When I first saw this machine at Westfields Parramatta I knew I had to try it out so came back that night to grab a pizza for dinner. The machine is bigger than your normal drink type vending machine about the size of two of them side by side. Considering there are pizzas cooking inside there is no smell coming out of the machine.  Its super simple to order just choose between margarita or salami pay $12 and then three minutes later your pizza comes out the slot in a box ready to go.

So how does it taste? Really good! Its tastes like something made fresh from a pizzeria the dough is thin and crisp with a nice crust and toppings that are full of flavor.  Its says the pizza is sliced but the one I had was not this was no issue for me because I took the pizza home so I was able to cut it but if you planed eating the pizza on the spot it might be a problem.

At $12 for a plate sized pizza its not cheap you could get a pizza for half that in the food court below but considering the taste I think its well worth it. I will be back for more!


Pizza Gio - Upforafeed (1 of 6)

The Machine

Pizza Gio - Upforafeed (4 of 6)

Pizza Gio - Upforafeed (6 of 6)

Pizza Gio - Upforafeed (3 of 6)

Pizza Gio - Upforafeed (2 of 6)

Pizza Gio - Upforafeed (5 of 6)

Out it comes

Pizza Gio - Upforafeed (1 of 1)

The pizza


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