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Virgin Australia , Business Class Los Angeles – Sydney


Virgin calls business class on their newly refitted 777 “The Business” and as soon as you step on board it is hard not to be impressed with the new cabin design.  The seats are laid in a reverse herringbone pattern and angled for privacy also everyone has direct aisle access.  Sitting down you can’t see into any other seat unless you lean forward wich is nice. The seat is very comfortable both in the upright and reclined positions, with a large 18inch touch screen and all the features you would expect in a business class seat.

At LAX Virgin Australia business class passengers have access to the Star Alliance Busines Lounge wich is really nice.

The flight time is 15hrs departing LAX at 10:30pm local time and gets to Sydney two days later at 6:30am.  Just after boarding I was offered a glass of champagne and the head stewardess introduced him self to me. After take off dinner orders were taken , it’s an ala cart service with the menu designed bu Luke Mangan made to order so no set meal times and no carts going up and down the isles. As I was tired I opted to have mine straight away, about 15 minutes later dinner was served.  The food was all fresh and tasty I would not go as far as saying restaurant quality still quite satisfying.

Shortly after finishing dinner I asked for my bed to be made got into the provided pajamas and had a solid 9hrs sleep.

The new cabin is so cool and comfortable, the service was friendly while still being very professional and I had a great night sleep. I have always been a fan of Virgin Australia this flight was everything I would expect from them and more.

The lighting while very cool to experience in flight it doesn’t do much for photography and the fact that this was a night flight even more so the pics are not great(except the one below wich is from Virgin Australia).


Photo Virgin Australia


18 inch touch screen


From the sitting view you can see how big the screen looks. The table is mounted on rails and slides down toward you and folds open to double in size. There is heaps of room im 180cm and even fully stretched out I don’t touch the end.


Virgin Australia Business Class Seat


Storage beside the seat with power point , usb port , headphone jack and the IFE remote control


Another small storage space


Seat controls


Mandarina Duck amenity kit with REN facial moisturiser, lip balm and hand and body cream, tooth brush , socks, an eyeshade, ear plugs and a pen


Virgin Australia Business Class Pyjamas – nothing fancy but really comfortable


After take off snacks and wine


Dinner Menu designed by Luke Mangan


Dinner is served, I like the salt and pepper shakers that look like the sails of the Opera House


Prawns with green papaya, macadamia , tomato with tamarind dressing


Lamb cutlets with barbeque spices on braised cabbage with oregano photos and olive dressing


Dark chocolate , hazelnut and orange mascarpone mouse cake with crem anglaise and blueberry 


Nespresso cappuccino 


Virgin Australia Business Class Bar – I have been on flights where the bar is like a mini party with people just hanging out on this flight however I didn’t not go to the bar or see anyone else use it. The late take off 10:30pm (for people like me coming from the east coast more like 1:30am) I guess it was too late and dinner was served after take off so the first time to go to the bar was well after midnight.  There are four seats at the bar with two single sofa like seats behind. They serve drinks (obviously) and the same snack menu available to you in your seat.


Night cabin with stars in the sky, it looks much brighter in the pic than it is in real life the lighting is more subtle perfect for sleep.


Seat converted into bed, When you are ready to sleep the cabin crew make the bed for you placing a thin matrice on the seat along with the sheets and blanket. The bed is very comfortable for sleep I would say its the best I have experienced in business class.


Breakfast orders were taken soon after take off with this ‘wake up card’


Coconut pancakes with pineapple, maple syrup and ginger – breakfast was served on a tray rather than having the table set. This was 90min before landing and the crew seemed very busy so I guess this is done to save time.


Virgin Australia flys from Sydney to Los Angles daily

Airline, Lounge

Star Alliance Business Class Lounge – Los Angeles Airport LAX


Before getting on my Virgin Australia flight to Sydney I headed to the Star Alliance lounge wich Virgin Business class passengers have access to. The lounge is located on level 6 of the Tom Bradley International Terminal .The lounge itself is really big spread out of different areas there is even and outdoor roof terrace with a view over the tarmac which is really cool. Throughout the lounge there are LA quotes on them like “there was more good acting at Hollywood parties then ever appeared on screen – Bette Davis” a fun addition to the space.   Everywhere you sit down there is power point not too far away which is always good.

The buffet is a Western Asian mix I was there at night so it was all dinner type options , the food was OK good for a pre-flight snack if I wanted a full meal I would be a bit disappointed. There is also bar with a large selection of wines and other drinks both alcoholic and not.

Overall a really nice Lounge , I especially liked the outdoor roof terrace its great to get some fresh air before a long flight.


Star Alliance Business Class Lounge LAX – Entrance





Dining area


Star Alliance Business Class Lounge LAX  – Teriyaki Chicken


Rice and vegies


Fruit and desserts

lax-star-aliance-lounge-upforafeed-1 lax-star-aliance-lounge-upforafeed-2

Noodles and soup


Wine selection


Seating area


Indoor balcony looking over the rest of the terminal



LA quotes



Tv Room


Star Alliance Business Class Lounge LAX  – Outdoor roof terrace


Fire bar



View from the roof terrace



Entrance to the showers


Shower room


Small food and drinks buffet


More lounge seating

Star Alliance Business Class Lounge LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal

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Singapore Airlines First Class Singapore to Tokyo


Singapore Airlines First Class Singapore to Tokyo (Haneda) SQ634

The check for suites & first class area is in its own little section of Changi terminal 3 similar to a hotel there is an area outside for cars to drop off then porters come and take your bags. The check in procedure is very quick, right behind the check in area is a small  immigration desk just for the people checking in at the first class area. The time it took from the taxi pulling put at the airport to getting though passport control was probably 5 minutes!

After making my way through security I headed to the SilverKris lounge. Passengers departing in First or Suites are given an invitation to ” The Private Room ”  which is a lounge only for passengers ticketed in first class or suites. I was escorted through the main first class lounge and down a corridor to the private room.  The dining area of the lounge is set up like a restaurant with table service there also is a small buffet.    At this time I was the only person in the lounge so I took some pics. The rest of the lounge is set up with chairs and couches with a small work area with some computers and a kids room.

Walking down the air bride to board the plane I was greeted by name by the crew and shown to my seat and offered a glass of Dom Pérignon. I was wondering how they knew my name with out seeing my boarding pass but after the doors were closed and I looked around I noticed I was the only caucasian in First and 30+ years younger than any other passenger so was not to hard to guess my name from the passenger list.  This flight SQ634 is opperated by a Boeing 777 witch has 8 seats in the first cabin. 


Singapore Airlines First Class Menu-10

Check in area

singapore airlines private room-8

The Private Room – Dining area

singapore airlines private room-7

singapore airlines private room-6

Singapore Airlines First Class Upforafeed (1 of 1)

Room for talking on the phone

singapore airlines private room-4

Singapore Airlines First Class  Upforafeed (1 of 1)


singapore airlines private room-3

Dim Sum 

Singapore Airlines First Class Upforafeed (1 of 2)

singapore airlines private room

Satay sticks

singapore airlines private room-2

Fruit plate 

Singapore Airlines First Class  Upforafeed (10 of 10)

The Seat  is very wide feels like you have so much room! In font of the seat is a storage area and a foot rest with the table sliding out from under the screen

Singapore Airlines First Class  Upforafeed (1 of 10)

Singapore Airlines First Class Menu


Singapore Airlines First Class Menu-2

Singapore Airlines First Class Menu-3

Singapore Airlines First Class Menu-4

 Wine list

Singapore Airlines First Class Menu-5

Cocktail menu

Singapore Airlines First Class Menu-6

Coffee selection 

Singapore Airlines First Class  Upforafeed (1 of 1)

Titan of Alaskan crab with avocado , quail egg , salmon roe & basil oil

Singapore Airlines First Class  Upforafeed (1 of 3)

Chicken consume with ricotta cheese & chive ravioli and Enoki mushroom

Singapore Airlines First Class  Upforafeed (2 of 3)

Salad of frisee , red oaks and coral lettuces garnished with shaved lotus root and ox heart tomato 

Singapore Airlines First Class  Upforafeed (3 of 3)

Singapore laksa – I was expecting the laksa to be great and and it did not disappoint just as good as any one I had in Singapore

Singapore Airlines First Class  Upforafeed (1 of 1)-2

White tiramisu cake with mango sorbet & raspberry

Singapore Airlines First Class  Upforafeed (1 of 1)-2


Singapore Airlines First Class  Upforafeed (1 of 1)-4

Seat converted in to bed


Overall it was a very good flight the service and food was excellent. The first class seat & bed is just as comfortable as suites but with out the privacy of having the doors.


Singapore Airlines First Class Singapore to Tokyo & The Private Room