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Lumi Dining – Pyrmont


Japanese and Italian are two of my favorite types of food , the idea of a fusion of the two sounded interesting but I was not sure how they would go together. However after trying it out at Lumi Dining I am defiantly a fan and at $95 for the 8 course menu with matching wines $80 its really good value for food at this level.

The service was laid back but still professional and the waiters had a good knowledge of the food. A couple of the courses were served up by one of the chefs which I thought was cool.  All the food was excellent with interesting flavors and textures along with some beautiful presentation.

Lumi defiantly deserves the two hats they were recently awarded at the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide awards. I dont often return to a restaurant shortly after going there once however I see another meal here for me in the near future.


Lumi -UpForAFeed (2 of 7)

Chawanmushi – I dont like Chawanmushi  I find the combination of the egg custard with a fishy/soy taste not to my liking. This however is an  Italian  take on Chawanmushi with the fishyness replaced with Parmesan cheese making it top dish for me and a perfect way to start off a meal like this.

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Beetroot , black seaseme , cream – this one missed the mark for me, salty beetroot topped with a sauce and cream.

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Spanner crab , kolhrabi , yukari

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Ravoli , guyere cheese , porcini butter – my favorite dish of the meal! This ravoli was amazing so much flavor and the mixture of textures makes it a perfect dish. I wish I could have a main sized portion of these.

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Brunt semolina spaghetti , quail , marjoram

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Lamb rib , red misso , leek, lime kosho

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Yuzu , mandrine , licorice,  wakame powder

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Ginger ice cream , white chocolate , passion fruit


LuMi Bar & Dining  – 56 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009

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Mille Vini – Surry Hills


I love Italian food its one of my favorite cuisines to eat. I like how the dishes can be so simple but so tasty and seem more than just the few ingredients in the dish.  Thats why Mille Vini is now my top place to get an Italian food fix.

Having eaten here several times now and tried many dishes on the menu I can say that I have never got a dish I did not like.  As the name suggests in addition to the great food there is an extensive wine list with many Italian choices with some local wines on the list as well.


Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (1 of 7)

Meat platter $29 – no longer on the menu last time I ate here however I still asked the waitress for it and i was in luck because  she said the kitchen would still make one up 

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (4 of 7)

 Aranciini $14 – saffron rice balls , crumbed and lightly fried with aloli

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Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (2 of 5)

Caprese $17 –   fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. A perfect example of simple Italian cooking.

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 Spicy popcorn prawn $16 –  with chili salt and lime

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (1 of 3)

 Toasted Bread $2 

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (3 of 7)

 Pork Belly $14 – fried pork belly with spicy balsamic glaze. Little bite sized pieces of pork with a sweet and sour taste.

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (2 of 7)

Bruschetta $16 – with confit tomato , toasted bread and spicy  pepperoni spread. This is a little different to any other bruschetta I have had before. The heat of the pepperoni spread is balanced with the cucumber and the tomatoes.

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (5 of 5)

Spaghetti $32 –

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (3 of 5)

Veal $28 –

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Sfingi $15 – suger dusted Italian doughnuts with nuttela

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Limoncello brulee $15 – burnt vinlla iced cream infused with limencello. Such a nice dessert to finish off with whilst being sweet is has a refreshing taste of lemon.

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (3 of 3)


Mille Vini – 397 Crown St Surry Hills

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Cafe Sopra – Waterloo


It’s been a long time since my last post on the blog. Things have just been too busy and I didn’t have the time to blog but that’s not to say I haven’t been out eating 🙂 plus a holiday to Japan, Korea  and with a brief stop in Guangzhou on the way home.  I have no excuse now and lots of things to blog about.

Cafe Sopra is one of my favorite places in Sydney to eat. I like the relaxed atmosphere , reasonable prices , fresh tasty food and it’s handy they have few different locations around town too. I have already blogged about their Bridge St location however Waterloo is a little different as  there is a larger range of  fresh fruit and vegetables as well as other grocery items along with the restaurant. From the road, you could easy walk past thinking it was just a warehouse.

Like I said I have already blogged about Cafe Sopra before so this is more a post showing some of the food I have had here. Check it out;


Cafe Sopra-3


Cafe Sopra-2


Café Sopra -

Raisin toast with ricotta and honey

Cafe Sopra-6


Café Sopra -

The coffee is always good too

Street view

Up the stairs to the restaurant

Café Sopra -

Selection of food

Cafe Sopra-5

See into the kitchen when eating at the bar

Café Sopra -


Fratelli Fresh/Cafe Sopra

7 Danks Street, Waterloo –


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