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Japone Sushi – Newtown


So it has been a while since my last post, things had been a little busy over the past few months. I know, I originally promised a post from my trip to South Carolina,  that one is still coming. Until I get that post up I have a quick post from my last visit to Newtown.

Recently I met with a friend for lunch in Newtown and we decided on Japone. I had been to Japone before but did not have my camera with me. So I thought that this second visit would be a great opportunity to get some pictures of the food. The food at Japone Sushi is what I would consider Japanese Tex-Mex fusion. They used a lot of Mexican ideas and flavours; the Sushi Tacos are an example where the two flavours mix, other menu items have Jalapenos to spice them up. Their take on sushi is different that most other places, one item which I did not have, but witnessed delivered  to another table was the Sashimi platter. The platter has flashing led lights in the serving bowl lighting up the food from beneath.

I forgot to note the prices down, so you will have to deal with pictures only 🙂

Japone - Sushi Tacos

Spicy Salmon tacos with avocado  –  

I was a little worried about having avocado with salmon, there was no need to be worriedThese were amazing, the cooling avocado was offset by the chilli mayo and really brought out the creaminess of salmon.

Japone - Popcorn Prawns

Popcorn prawns – 

Small, bit size pieces of prawns, in crispy batter with a citrus glaze(probably yuzu, but I couldn’t be sure).

Japone - Chilli Edamame

Spicy Edamame –

Chilli butter dressing on edamame.

Japone -  Yaki Ika

Yaki Ika –

Grilled whole squid, covered in a sweet soy based sauce. Keeping the skin on the squid gave it a great initial crunch while still staying soft.

Japone - Golden Dragon Roll

Golden Dragon Rolls –

These rolls are Japone’s pseudo speciality. Prawn, chicken, avocado, chilli mayo and salmon roe.

Japone - Mural

Mural –

The mural on the wall in the restaurant.

Japone - Sign

Japone Sushi

381 King St

Newtown, NSW 2042


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Nicks Bar & Grill – King Street Wharf


Situated in the middle of the  Kings Street Warf is Nicks Bar & Grill. It has a very nice water outlook and you can see all the boats coming in and out of darling harbour. The dining space is huge seating 500. While Nicks at Cockle bay specialises more on seafood, Nicks Bar & Grill has a mixed menu serving seafood, grilled meats  and pasta.

For weekday lunch they have a $25.50 special, a main with a glass of beer or wine. Average price of an entrée is $20 and $35 for a main on their regular menu.


Nicks Seafood Chowder Mussels, and Fresh Seasonal Seafood $16 – The chowder had a nice flavour however the texture was more soup like with a few small seafood pieces.

Antipasto Plate $20 – I expected much better for a $20 antipasto plate. The bread was nothing special, just an average white bread toasted with a few chopped tomatoes thrown on. In the small bowls were eta, olives, Tzatziki and Taramasalata which were just OK.

Catch of the Day, Seasoned calamari and Golden Fried prawns  – Good value for the size and quality of the seafood.  The fish of the day was Dory which was coked perfectly, with crisp golden brown batter. Both the prawns and calamari tasted very fresh.

Surf & turf – on top of the steak was two delicious garlic prawns, sadly the steak did not match up to the prawns. The steak was chewy and fatty with an overpowering char flavour. Accompanying  the steak was a large bowl of salad.

Bailey’s Crème Brulee $12 – I loved this Baileys variant of crem burlee ! The custard had a lovely silky smooth texture with just the right amount of  Baileys to give it flavour with out overpowering the custard taste. Mixed in with the bitterness of the caramelised sugar top, it mad for an excellent end to the meal.

Where there is food and water sea gulls are always close buy.


Joseph dined as a guest of King St Wharf  courtesy of Design + Marketing

Nicks Bar & Grill –  King St Wharf


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