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Marque – Surry Hills

As of July 2016 Marque has closed


Friday is the only day Marque is open for lunch and they have a great deal  Friday Prix Fixe $45 which is a set 3 course menu that changes weekly. The 3 course menu also includes an amuse-bouche , pre desert and bread. 


Marron with potato and pork floss – A really great start to the meal. I have never had marron before , I was expecting it to taste something like lobster or crab. However it had a distinctive taste , the rest of the dish completed it very well while not overpowering the delicate taste of the marron.

Hiramasa Kingfish, green strawberries, liquorice, salt and vinegar – What made this dish was the salt and vinegar mix. Dark purple in colour, it really stood out on the plate. When it was added to the fish, it gave a big boost in flavour which added a level of depth and complexity to the dish as a whole.

Roasted lamb rump, hazelnut praline, leek, garlic and mint – the lamb was cooked perfectly, very tender meat. Not sure about spring onion with the roots still on but the other accompaniments were excellent.

Potato puree ‘new seasons potatoes’ & grand cru  butter $14 – I would have hated to see how much butter went into this puree! I guess that’s why it tasted so good!

Custard – served in an egg shell

Coconut milk cake, mango sorbet and jackfruit – Loved the the smashed up disordered presentation of this dish. The sorbet had a very strong mango taste. The white foam was so light and airy but still had a lot of flavour which combined well together with the cake.

Coffee with petit fores $6 – While I don’t want to call a $6 cup of coffee cheap, compared to other similar restaurants , it is.  A generous serving of petit fours came with the coffee . They are lined up in order from sour to sweet.


There was a $5 per head water charge, this has been done because Marque has taken an environmental  stance and  no longer serves bottled water. I fully support this but at $5 per head it’s more like a money making opportunity packaged as a environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water.  Having a bottle of water in Sydney that was bottled in Italy or France, packed in trucks driven to the port ,  then shipped to Australia  then distributed again by truck  makes no sense to me and in my opinion, environmentally  irresponsible. I don’t want to beat up on it too much, I think is a good idea. If however the charge was $5 per table I wouldn’t mind as much.

So, what are your feelings about bottled water in restaurants? Necessary? Irresponsible? Let me know what you think.


355 Crown St – Surry Hills

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