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Burger Project – Sydney


I have always been a big fan of Neil Perry’s Rockpool burger so when I first heard of Burger Project I knew it was something I defiantly wanted to check out. I like the whole concept of the shop just simple burgers made with great ingredients served in a casual refined fast food atmosphere.

I really like the burger here & I have all ready been back a few times since I first had it and I will no doubt be back again.

Burger Project - Upforafeed (2 of 2)-2

Cheese & Bacon $9.50 – Grass fed beef , bacon , cheese, pickles, tomato , lettuce and secret sauce.  The meat in the patty is moist and full of flavor cooked slightly rare with some seasoning topped off with cheese & bacon. The salad is fresh and crisp. The only let down I would say is the bun not that it is bad just not up to par with the rest of the burger.

Burger Project - Upforafeed (1 of 2)-2

The Korean Burger $8.90-  how to make a Korean burger take a regular on and put Kim chi on it  interesting combination but it did work well combining two things that don’t normally go together.

Burger Project - Upforafeed (1 of 1)

Wings large $9.00-  the wings come with a hot sauce that I got it separate on the side lucky because when I tried it it was way to hot for me. The wings are OK on there own with a salt & pepper coating but to get the full flavor you need the sauce. Like there chips they are deep fried but not oily.

Burger Project - Upforafeed (1 of 2)

Chips with sea salt $4.90 – very crunchy and not oily at all

Burger Project - Upforafeed (2 of 2)

Vanilla Shake $6.50 Burger project make a really great shake too, so good I came back later in the day to get another!

Burger Project - UpForAFeed (1 of 1)-5


Burger Project – World Square 644 George St

Burger Project on Urbanspoon


Cafe Sopra – Waterloo


It’s been a long time since my last post on the blog. Things have just been too busy and I didn’t have the time to blog but that’s not to say I haven’t been out eating 🙂 plus a holiday to Japan, Korea  and with a brief stop in Guangzhou on the way home.  I have no excuse now and lots of things to blog about.

Cafe Sopra is one of my favorite places in Sydney to eat. I like the relaxed atmosphere , reasonable prices , fresh tasty food and it’s handy they have few different locations around town too. I have already blogged about their Bridge St location however Waterloo is a little different as  there is a larger range of  fresh fruit and vegetables as well as other grocery items along with the restaurant. From the road, you could easy walk past thinking it was just a warehouse.

Like I said I have already blogged about Cafe Sopra before so this is more a post showing some of the food I have had here. Check it out;


Cafe Sopra-3


Cafe Sopra-2


Café Sopra -

Raisin toast with ricotta and honey

Cafe Sopra-6


Café Sopra -

The coffee is always good too

Street view

Up the stairs to the restaurant

Café Sopra -

Selection of food

Cafe Sopra-5

See into the kitchen when eating at the bar

Café Sopra -


Fratelli Fresh/Cafe Sopra

7 Danks Street, Waterloo –


Café Sopra at Fratelli Fresh on Urbanspoon

Chinese, Travel

Din Tai Fung – Tiapei


I wanted to check out  Din Tai Fung and see how it compared to the Sydney outlets.  I had just arrived in Taiwan , in my hotel room and I look out the window and see Taipei 101. Knowing there was a Din Tai Fung there I headed there for dinner. They also have many other locations around Taipei too and I later found one just down the road of where I was staying.

Taipei 101 has a shopping mall at the bottom floors very much like Sydney tower and Westfields, off to the side of the food court is Din Tai Fung. Like Sydney there is a large gathering of people out the front waiting to get in. I line up get a number and wait to see my number on the screen. You are also given a menu and order form. The menu is in English and Chinese but the form is in Chinese only. The menu is all numbered so is the order form so for non Chinese readers like me you just have to look up what you want in the menu and then mark the number of it on the menu.

Even on a what looked like a busy Friday night I didn’t have to wait too long, only about 10 minutes, then within minutes of sitting down the food was on the table.


Out the front of the restaurant

Menu – Dimpling Man


Xiao Long Bao 

Xiao Long Bao Ready To Eat

Beans with minced pork

Pork chop fried rice

Steamed Pork buns 

Inside the Pork bun 


So to compare to Sydney the main two differences are price and service. All this food you see here cost about $20 AUD!. Yes it’s a big busy restaurant but all the staff were all very friendly and helpful  in stark contrast to Sydney where it seems like the staff  just are there for herding people in and out. Going from memory of what the Sydney store’s dishes taste like, I could not taste any difference. Same recipe, same taste. There were some subtle differences but I think that is just the taste from the local ingredients coming through in the dishes.


Din Tai Fung – Taipei 101 Mall


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