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Zumbo Dessert Train – At The Star


I love the idea of a dessert train , sit down and see what comes around and when you find something you like take it.  I was there on Saturday night , the take away section had a line out the door but surprisingly the train was almost empty.  Seated straight away and given a small menu/list and a glass of water.  The design of the place it feels fun if that makes scene, bright colours , macaroons painted the walls and cartoon like gear wheels  in the middle of the train.  The staff are very friendly and passionate when taking about the dishes.

As I sat down, I noticed some figurines coming  along with signs like ‘bring it on’ , ‘feed me’ and ‘grandmas soap’ which was a nice fun touch and you can see it invokes a reaction from others as it passed in front of them. It worked like a typical sushi train with dishes on coloured plates which corresponded to their price, $8.50 , $9.50 and $10.50. The portion sizes were quite large so most people would be full after one or two (I had one and a half).

The only bad thing was that there was not much variety coming around on the train.  As I said at the start I love concept and will come back again for sure. Its also open till midnight on Fridays and weekends so it makes for a great post dinner or night time indulgence.


Dessert train

Looking into the open kitchen

Macaroons on the train

Macaroons $9.50


Cool figurines on the train

Coffee brulee $10.50

Open kitchen


Shop 1, Cafe CourtThe Star

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Jamie’s Italian


There has been so much hype ever since the opening of Jamie’s Italian, I have wanted to check it out but I don’t like queuing up to eat  at a restaurant.  So I decided the best option was for a late lunch (about 2:30) on a Saturday, thinking the wait for a table might not be as long as mamaks.  To my surprise, there was no line and we were seated straight away.

The menu is divided in to sections; breads & nibbles, antipasti, pasta, mains, sides and deserts, with lots of tasty sounding things in each section. Everything is very reasonably priced, which is not something you can say about many restaurants in Sydney.

I enjoyed my meal here good food , reasonably priced and  the service was friendly and efficient. If I were in the area looking for something to eat  and saw there was no line if would defiantly eat at Jamie’s Italian again.


Crispy Squid $12.00 –  Fired bite sized pieces of crispy squid , the dip is a strong garlic mayo .

Bread Selection Complementary – Homemade rosemary focaccia Artisan sourdough, ciabatta & tortano

Pumpkin Ravioli Speciall $14 – My favourite! The sweet pumpkin inside the ravioli combined with the buttery sauce make for a very tasty dish.

Bucatini Carbonara $12 -Just OK I found it a bit bland lacking the creamy taste that I normally associate with a carbonara.

Prawn Linguine $15.50 – The best part of this dish was the prawns, nice big fresh and tasty. Tasty tomato sauce with chilli and garlic topped with some rocket and fennel

Macchiato $4.35 

Tiramisu  $9– On to the deserts and there all $9 so no reason not to have one or two. I’m a big fan of tiramisu and this one did not disappoint. It’s very moist almost watery with a strong coffee taste. The orange mascarpone adds a lot of flavour and together with the chocolate makes for a very nice desert.

Bakewell Tart $9 – 


107 Pitt Street – Sydney


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Asian, Japanese

Ryo’s Noodles

One of my favourite places for a very tasty, cheap and quick feed. The place doesn’t look like much from the outside just small shopfront the entry door has cloth curtains with Japanese symbols on it apart from that you would not notice the place driving past. Most days there will be a line up outside but it always seems to move quickly.

Its quite small inside timber floors with bright yellow walls that are covered with paper with Japanese writing on it. The place has a nice feel about it. Service is always very quick and most people don’t hang around long , just eat and go.

Ramen is there specialty with pork, chicken and ‘other’ on the menu all available with different types of soup plus a few sides. You can also order an extra serve noodles for $3, the proportions are large so you have to be very hungry to order extra.


Salt flavour ramen with pork and shallots $10.50 –

Spicy hot flavour ramen with pork and egg $11.50 – looks hotter than it is! Red soup has big flavour with just the right amount of spice.


Roast pork rice ball $4 – I am told by the waitress that they only make a limited number of these a day so was expecting something special. A little disappointing rice with pork inside seaweed ok taste but didn’t really do it for me.



Ryo’s Noodles
125 Falcon Street, Crows Nest, Sydney

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