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La Pesa – Darlinghurst

La Pesa Is Now Permanently Closed


Is has been a long time since my last post , too long! I had a really good at   the other day I thought is time to break my blogging drought with a post about it.

La Pesa is an Italian restaurant that serves up traditional dishes from  Milan and the Northern region of Italy. The food was all really good , generous serving sizes with friendly service. They have a weekly special early bird offer of 3 courses for 2 $59 so you could get all the food you see here for $59!.  I really enjoyed my meal there and will return again.


Cauliflower soup & bread complementary – really tasty soup that I could have eaten a bowl of it.

Crocketts $8

Fish of the day Tartar served on Potato Crisps $8 

Prawn pasta with pesto and garlic $29

Spaghetti w- King Prawns, Mussels, Fish, Cherry Tomato, Garlic, Fresh Chilli & Saffron $28

Homemade Classic Tiramisu $14 – I love tiramisu and this one did not disappoint.

Chocolate Coated Profiteroles $14


172-174 Liverpool St – Darlinghurst


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Italian, Pizza

Rosso Pomadoro


Sorry for the lack of updates lately. At the moment i am in New York visiting family, so there will be a USA post coming in the next two weeks. This post however is about one of my visits to Roso Pomodoro in Balmain. It’s a bit out of the way if you are used to eating out in the city, but it is well worth the trip over to Balmain. There is one pizza on their menu that i didn’t get a chance to get a photo of. Nutella calzone!


Garlic pizza crust $9.50 – Fresh garlic on a pizza base, even with the pungent garlic you can still taste the soft slightly chewy dough.

Funghi Pizza – Tomato, Italina Mozzarella and field mushrooms $19 – Mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms. The mushrooms were slide really thing allowing them to cook through and absorb all the oils from the cheese.

Prosciutto Pizza – Tomato, Italian Mozzarella and Prosciutto $22 – Just a really simple pizza with prosciutto.

Capricciosa Pizza – Artichoke, olive, pancetta and mushroom $20 – I would almost call this a supreme pizza, it had almost everything on it. There are only a few olives scatter on this pizza, so if your dinner crowd likes olives be prepared to fight for your share of the olives.

Della Casa – Spinach Parmesan, Italian Salami and hot salami, Italian Mozzarella  $24 – At first i was hesitant about this pizza, i thought the spinach would be wilted but as you can see in the photo above, they put the spinach on after the cook it. Yeah, i know, you probably think I’m not all that bright. Of course thats how you would make a spinach pizza. The pizza was a refreshing break from all that mozzarella cheese.


Prawn pizza –  Prawns, garlic and grape tomatos $26 –  Unfortunately this pizza is not available on the regular menu, you have to get lucky to find it on the specials menu. This pizza is white pizza, no tomato base, it works well with the garlic and the prawns. The grape tomatoes add just enough acidity to cut the fattiness of the cheese.

Rosso Pomodoro

91/24 Buchanan Street  Balmain NSW 2041, Australia

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Cafe Sopra – Bridge Street


Cafe Sopra Bridge Street is not the easiest place to find, you can walk right by and have no idea you have just passed a busy restaurant.  The entrance is a small gate that leads to a set of stairs going down below street level. They only take bookings for Saturday and weekday lunches; they can get very busy so come early or late otherwise you will have to queue.

Just like there other 3 locations Cafe Sopra Bridge Street serves up very tasty traditional Italian food at a reasonable price making it a favourite  place of mine for for a city pasta fix.  The menu is on a big blackboard and it changes frequently. After you eat check out the stores selection of Italian groceries and take something home with you to eat.


Spaghetti carbonara $20 – If you like pasta that is not drenched in sauce you will like the pastas here. The carbonara has just the right amount of sauce with plenty of flavour.

Gnocchi $22 – with pumpkin , garlic and parmesan

Garlic Bread $5 – Great garlic bread, nice and crusty.

When you eat at the bar you can look right into the kitchen

It’s an unassuming entrance, don’t miss it.



Cafe Sopra – 11 Bridge Street Sydney


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