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Lotus – Dude Food Deg


Initially I had missed out on getting a booking for the first two “Dan Hong’s dude food deg”  so when they announced there would be a third one I quickly made a booking. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but Dan Hong definitely did not disappoint, serving up 5 excellent courses.


 Cheese burger ‘Spring Roll’ and empanada ‘Donner Kebab’ – Two flavours you would never have thought would go well together, let alone in a spring roll or empanada, but they both worked surprisingly well. Biting into the spring roll played a trick on my brain, knowing what a spring roll or empanada “should” taste like, then being hit with the familiar taste of a cheese burger is in your mouth.

Indome with fried quail egg, deep fried eshays and ‘pulled buffalo wing’ sauce – More conventionl than the previous course and the only one of which i could probably make my self at home :).  It was a mi goring noodle with spicy sauce with a cloud like quail’s egg on top.

Pepperoni pizza won tons with napolentana consomme – This was another dish where initially you are confronted with something familiar, knowing what it should taste like, then upon eating it  you realise that the flavours are so familiar but not for the dish that they are currently in.

Tasting of Hotdogs – Corndog, Chicago style hotdog , foie gras and truffle hotdog – I thought that the tasting hot dogs were a fun idea for a course. The corn dog’s batter was light,  not oily at all. The Chicago style dog was simple but tasty. I’m not a foie gras fan so that dog did not really do it for me.

Donut ice-cream with candied bacon , banana fritter , pretzel praline, peanut butter and raspberry jam – A desert with bacon on it! Say no more…


22 Challis Ave , Potts Point –


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Ms G’s – Potts Point


Much has already been said about Ms Gs it has been on my to do list for a while but for whatever reason I had not yet got the chance to give it a try…. Until now , first impressions. Very cool fit out with the graffiti style writing on one wall, thick ropes hanging from the ceiling and old school lights.  I like the look of the place!

For entree I have the Mini bánh mì , very tasty littlie snack sized rolls.   I can’t decide which one was better the chicken or the pork. There is a wide range of things on the menu for mains from fried chicken to pho style soup to Angus scotch fillet. Chefs Dan Hong and Jowett Yu really cover allot of different Asian inspired flavors.

Egg noodle with XO sauce was simple dish but it had lots of flavours in it. Especially when you mix it all up together, the pouched egg makes the spicy dish mild by masking the heat of chilli. Braised Wagyu Beef “Pho Style” was flavoursome with tender meat and lots of fresh ingredients. Konnyaku is  popular in Japan I have had it before as sashimi and noodles but never in a pho style soup.

Deserts were every bit as good as the entree and mains maybe better. The “Stoner’s Delight” is an excellent combination of classic desert flavours everyone likes. Marshmallows were so soft. The cinnamon doughnut ice cream actually tasted like a cinnamon doughnut! I was expecting just a cinnamon flavour but it had that plus something more.

I wanted to get the Pandan chiffon cake ever since I saw it on masterchef. Sitting on top of the white tapioca the green of the cake really pops out at you. The cake itself is so light and airy !

Im a big fan of Ms G’! Believe the hype.


Mini bánh mì- crisp pork belly  or chicken katsu  $6

Egg noodles with XO sauce,  braised duck, soft poached egg  $16

Braised Wagyu Beef “Pho Style”, konnyaku noodles, lemongrass, beef broth  $24

Pandan chiffon cake, strawberries,  coconut sorbet  $12

“Stoner’s Delight” cinnamon  doughnut cream,chocolate, rice bubbles, pretzel, peanut brittle, marshmallow  $12


155 Victoria Street
Potts Point, 2011



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Asian, Japanese

Watermoon – Potts Point


I was at  Watermoon my brother’s birthday a few weeks ago (well more like a month so I’m a bit slack in putting this post up). There was a group of about 10 so I got to try a wide variety of things from the menu. The restaurant is quite large but spread out over different levels, the bar area has  an impressive line up of Sake bottles which looks cool and gives the place a Japanese feel.

Service was quick and it wasn’t long after we ordered that a steady stream of food was coming to the table, I got some pics of the ones that were placed near me.  Tempura Gyoza is excellent amazing flavour my fav dish of the night. Sushi and Sashimi was fresh and well presented.  Tasting plates of Roasted Duck and BBQ Calamari were nice and got devoured by the table quite quickly.

All the food was very tasty and also good value. I will defiantly be back here again!




Sushi Plate (17 peice + 8 rolls) – $40.80

Tempura Gyoza – $7.50

Samon Rolls – $5

Seaweed Salad – $9.80

BBQ Calamari – $8.80

Roasted Duck – $7.50



176 Victoria St
Potts Point, 2011

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