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Yasaka Ramen


Yasaka Ramen is a new place on York St serving up Tonkotsu ramen with a full range of other Japanese dishes. I arrived early for dinner on a weekday just before 6 and there was no queue however when I came to leave there was a big line down the road so unless you like waiting best to come early or late.  The place has ramen themed decor pictures on the wall banners with there slogan “no ramen no life”.


Yasaka Ramen UpForAFeed (1 of 1)

Takoyaki with special  sauce 4 balls $6 – these were really good soft batter with a tender piece of octopus inside topped off with a sweet sauce and mayo

Yasaka Ramen UpForAFeed (1 of 2)

Karaage Chicken 3 pieces $4.8

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Takana Rice $3.80

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Edamame $3.50

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Gyoza Pork $6.50

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Tonkostu Shoyu $12.80 –  The soup here is on the thicker side not as thick as Gumshara but still thick rich fatty pork broth with a firm noodle.


Yasaka Ramen – 126 Liverpool St Sydney

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Ippudo – Hakata Japan


How does Ippudo in its place of origin Hakata compare with what we get in Sydney?

Its just as popular with ques forming out side the stores at peak times, its also more on the expensive side compared to other ramen places. This particular store is more like a ramen bar there is table service but no individual tables only long counter benches. As for the ramen whilst its very hard to compare two dishes that are not side by side but I think its very similar to what we get in Sydney. One thing that was different is there is raw garlic and a crusher on every table but all in all its quite the same.


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The Menu

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Extra garlic

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 Bib , chopsticks & napkins

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Ippudo Hakata  - Upforafeed

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Ippudo – Hakata

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I  recently spent a few weeks in Japan so I will break my blogging drought with this post.  A small collection of pictures from my travels.


a380 (1 of 1)-4

Itsukushima Shrine  , Miyajima


Takoyaki balls simple batter with octopus pieces inside , such a tasty little snack




Tokyo Tower

Tokyo at night is so cool!!


Okonomiyaki – savory pancake.   So basically you eat off the hot plate (but its not hot where the eating position is)


The eating utensil


They look huge when they are being prepared but they get smaller once cooked


Ready to eat


Kyoto Station

I love the bullet train! Not sure exactly but I have ridden it 10+ times and I still act like a little boy when I see one pull into the station.

tok (1 of 1)-5

They even look good on the inside.

Japan  (4 of 5)

Japan  (2 of 5)

Japan  (3 of 5)

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Aftermath of a big meal

fuk (5 of 5)

Street food stall food in Fukuoka

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The “kitchen” right in front of you

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Gyoza , beer & ramen the perfect late night feed

fuk (2 of 5)

fuk (3 of 5)

tok (1 of 1)-3

Tenjin Fukuoka

fuk (1 of 5)-2

fuk (2 of 5)-2

fuk (3 of 5)-2

“choose the hard of the noodle”

fuk (4 of 5)-2

fuk (5 of 5)-2

fuk (1 of 1)-4

Momochihama beach