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Firedoor – Surry Hills


To quote their own website “The kitchen will burn a collection of different woods daily to create coals that will then be used to enhance the natural characteristics of the ingredients” this is evident when tasting the dishes a smokey flavor of varying intensity is present in the food providing another layer of flavor.  The menu changes every day and consists of  20 or so simple dishes as you can see below most have only a few ingredients. The restaurant its self-has a modern open plan fit out with an open kitchen so you can see the chefs work the fire in the ovens and grills.

The chefs menu is very good value at $85 for which you get all this food you see here! I was surprised when dish after dish kept coming out all the time thinking that this must be the last one by the time the final savory dish of quail was presented I was so full that I could only bring myself to have a small portion. Another thing I like about chefs menus is that you get dishes that I would not otherwise order so it forces you to try new/different things and often its the dish I would not have ordered that I liked the most.

Firedoor is worthy of  the hype that it has received; the food , service and atmosphere are excellent. Well worth checking out if you have not yet done so.



Wood fired bread with house butter and olive oil

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Smoked jersey curd with pickled vegetables

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Garfish , bagnet vert , nasturtium

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Grilled leaves , guanciale, walnut

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Sugar snaps on almond sauce

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Swordfish belly with fennel and blood orange

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Jurassic quail , radicchio toasted spelt

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Smoked parsnip ,apple , riesling


Firedoor -23-33 Mary Street, Surry Hills
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The Winery – Surry Hills


Picture only post from The Winery – Surry Hills


The Winery - UpForAFeed

Cured meats,cornichons, toasted ciabatta $25

The Winery - UpForAFeed-2

Dip & olives, chervé, bread $18

The Winery - UpForAFeed-3

The Winery - UpForAFeed-7

Clam pasta,courgette flower, chilli, garlic, parsley $28

The Winery - UpForAFeed-4

Handpicked spanner crab,Roma tomatoes, avocado, borlotti beans, aged sherry $26

The Winery - UpForAFeed-5

 300g Scotch fillet Angus Reserve,150 + day aged, grain fed, Darling Downs QLD $38 – with Cafe de Paris butter, red wine jus



The Winery – 285A Crown St Surry Hills

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Mille Vini – Surry Hills


I love Italian food its one of my favorite cuisines to eat. I like how the dishes can be so simple but so tasty and seem more than just the few ingredients in the dish.  Thats why Mille Vini is now my top place to get an Italian food fix.

Having eaten here several times now and tried many dishes on the menu I can say that I have never got a dish I did not like.  As the name suggests in addition to the great food there is an extensive wine list with many Italian choices with some local wines on the list as well.


Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (1 of 7)

Meat platter $29 – no longer on the menu last time I ate here however I still asked the waitress for it and i was in luck because  she said the kitchen would still make one up 

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (4 of 7)

 Aranciini $14 – saffron rice balls , crumbed and lightly fried with aloli

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (2 of 3)

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (2 of 5)

Caprese $17 –   fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. A perfect example of simple Italian cooking.

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (5 of 7)

 Spicy popcorn prawn $16 –  with chili salt and lime

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (1 of 3)

 Toasted Bread $2 

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (3 of 7)

 Pork Belly $14 – fried pork belly with spicy balsamic glaze. Little bite sized pieces of pork with a sweet and sour taste.

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (2 of 7)

Bruschetta $16 – with confit tomato , toasted bread and spicy  pepperoni spread. This is a little different to any other bruschetta I have had before. The heat of the pepperoni spread is balanced with the cucumber and the tomatoes.

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (5 of 5)

Spaghetti $32 –

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (3 of 5)

Veal $28 –

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (6 of 7)

Sfingi $15 – suger dusted Italian doughnuts with nuttela

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (7 of 7)

Limoncello brulee $15 – burnt vinlla iced cream infused with limencello. Such a nice dessert to finish off with whilst being sweet is has a refreshing taste of lemon.

Mille Vini -  Upforafeed (3 of 3)


Mille Vini – 397 Crown St Surry Hills

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