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Modern Toilet – Taipei


Why would anyone make a toilet themed restaurant? More to the point, why did I go to such a place? Curiosity, curiosity got the better of me. At Modern Toilet you are seated on a toilet, the table is a bath with a piece of glass on top, food is served in mini urinal looking plates, bowls look like toilets and many other bathroom inspired items. The idea must have caught on in Taiwan as Modern Toilet has many different branches all over the country.

The food was OK, nothing special, average pasta served with some soup with ice cream for dessert. Despite the average food, I had an enjoyable meal here because the whole place had a very fun vibe. Looking around you could see people laughing as there food was presented to them and I found myself doing the same.

Certainly an interesting place , check it out…


Out the front


German sausage spaghetti with tomato sauce $240 New Taiwan Dollars  ($8 AUD)  served in sink style plate , including soup and ice cream.

Seafood with cream sauce spaghetti

Ice cream

People seated on toilets

Some pics around Taipei




Modern Toilet –  Xiamen Taipei


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