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Icebergs Dining Room – Bondi


There are few restaurants in Sydney with a more iconic view than the Icebergs Dining Room in Bondi.  On a bright sunny day it seems like the perfect spot from a long lunch. However everything other than the view did not meet my expectations. The service was friendly but unprofessional ,  the waiter had little knowledge of the menu and we repeatedly had to ask for drinks to be topped up and plates to be cleared off the table. Not the level of service and professionalism you would expect from a restaurant of this caliber.

The food also did little to impress dish after dish just missed the mark and simply had no wow factor. I would not rate any dish better than OK and some were I wouldn’t say bad but totally uninspiring.

It just leaves me thinking how did this place ever get two hats?



Burrata alla Caprese $28 – locally produced burrata , Sorbello tomatoes, verjuice jelly, black olive and basil


Piatto di Salumi $39 – A Combination of Shaved Salumi, Olives, Pickles & Grissini



Maccheroni con Gamberoni $42 – organic durum maccheroni with king prawn pieces , safron & fragrant citrus.


Gnocchi Vongole $32 – Handmade gnocchi with spicy clam sauce & herbs


Costoletta di  Maiale $48 – Marinated and grilled free range pork with pickled cherries & crackling


Tiramisu Special $50 – for a “special” dessert it certainly did not look like one, zero effort into the presentation if anything it looked a bit sloppy.


Cioccolato e Olio $22 – Zokoko 68% Chocolate & Olive Oil Mousse, Salted Caramel Crisp & Chocolate Sorbet. This dessert totally missed the mark for me , the olive oil taste was so strong it overpowered the other flavors and made the desert inedible. I passed it around the table and everyone else had the same opinion so it went uneaten.

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View from the table 

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Icebergs swimming pool

PHONE 61 2 9365 9000 –

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Est. – Sydney

Est is situated on George St above Establishment and is he headed up by Peter Doyle it currently has two SMH chef hats although in the past it has held three.

The menu for lunch is $69 , $95 or $118 for two , three or four courses. The service is impeccable when the food comes out the plates are both placed presented on the table at the same time in what seems like choreographed movements.  All the staff are so knowledgeable about the dishes not just the ingredients but how its prepared and cooked.

The last time a ate at Est was a few years ago I remember bring very impressed by it,  it was also one of the first posts on this blog.  Fast forward to toady I was equally as impressed the presentation & taste of the food together with the amazing service made for a very enjoyable lunch at Est.



Salad of spanner crab, almond cream, baby zucchini, heirloom tomato jelly, basil such a beautiful dish and it tastes as good as it looks! As it was described in the menu as a salad I was not expecting something like this to come out.

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Burrata, muchamiel tomatoes, nectarine, jamon, witlof, walnut puree, sourdough crisp 

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Spinach ricotta tortellini, snap peas, shimeji mushrooms, green shallots

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Moreton bay bug, grilled leek, broccoli puree, lemon, seaweed, nasturtium

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Lamb loin, toasted farro, black garlic, sheep’s milk yoghurt, baby turnips, rosemary

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John dory fillet, cauliflower, pine nuts, vadouvan, yoghurt, agretti, green grapes

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Chocolate whiskey delice, burnt bread ice cream, rye tuile, chocolate crumb

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Est Resturant 252 George Street, Sydney

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French, Japan, Travel

La Rochelle Fukuoka – Japan


Dinner by Hiroyuki Sakai Iron Chef French

I have probably watched every episode of Iron Chef even now when I see an old episode on TV I still watch it. I like how it is made to seem so dramatic and the voice over just tops it all off. I found my self looking on the internet for places to eat in Fukuoka and to my surprise saw that Hiroyuki Sakai Iron Chef French has a restaurant close by so I had to try it out.

The menu at La Rochelle Fukuoka is in Japanese and French neither of which I can read however my French knowledge extends to the word degustation. Seeing this on the menu made it an easy choice the degustation it is.  At 12000 yen or about $120 AUD for the five courses considering the food it is reasonably priced defiantly  less than I was expecting.  

Not knowing what was going to come out made it more exciting! When a dish came out first tasting it and then trying and guess what it is and whats in it. The food was all excellent French style strong flavors , rich sauces lots of butter and cream. Exactly was you would expect from Iron Chef French.


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Dessert Cart

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Another unexpected thing was that dessert was not a fixed course but a whole cart was wheeled out and you could pick and choose what you wanted. The waiter was not just cutting up and serving it up rather taking great care and plating it up just like if it had come out of the kitchen.

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La Rochelle Fukuoka