All You Need To Know About Car Replacement Keys

As technology is developing fast, all industries are upgrading their products. Similarly, a changing car lock and key settings can be seen in the automobile industry. In the 80s, it was simple-bladed. Then came the transponder keys, followed by the remote car keys. And today, many cars come with keyless fobs for ignition. Whatever the system is, replacing a car key is now beyond the scope of an ordinary locksmith and to make car replacement keys you need specialized hands and modern machines.

How many times have you lost the car keys or damaged them? Many of us misplace our car keys or damage them inadvertently and land in a soup, putting our schedules in a mess. To cope with such situations, it is best to have car replacement keys and keep them somewhere for emergency use. However, before ordering car replacement keys, it is time to know about them a bit.

The Types of Car Keys:

If your car is not igniting, it does not always mean that there are mechanical or electrical faults, and it can be due to damaged keys, and the issues can be solved by replacing the keys. You need to visit or give a call to the automotive locksmith to have replacement keys for your car, as car key designs and technology have undergone a sea change. An additional key in hand can often bail you out of difficult situations. Here are all the types of car keys and how they can be replaced.

  • Simple-Bladed Keys:

If you have owned a car since the 1980s, you have simple-bladed car keys. It can have snake-like sides or double-serrated edges, and the professional will cut down the shape on new metal.

However, if you have lost the key and do not have a spare, the locksmith needs to retrieve your key code and

make a new key. It is one of the easiest methods of making car replacement keys as it only needs to cut down the duplicate image on new metal.

  • Transponder Type:

In 2000, chips were attached to car keys. The chips were concealed under the covering of the plastic bow. These keys were programmable, and you needed to follow the owner’s manual to reset the program. Without correct programming, the car will not ignite and move an inch.

However, if you are not that tech-savvy, you should consult a car locksmith in your area capable of programming the key with the onboard computer. Having car replacement keys for this type of ignition can be of great help as the chips can get damaged or malfunction for no reason of overuse.

  • Remote Keys:

Car remote keys are somewhat similar to transponder types of keys with additional features like locking and unlocking the doors. These types of keys are meant for locking or unlocking the doors. If you lose the remote keys, it is difficult to lock or unlock the doors, and matters can get worst. It is best to have remote car replacement keys to keep situations under control and enjoy driving. Therefore, keeping some spare keys for easy access is best to avoid awkward situations.

Getting the Replacements:

Depending on the type of keys you have in your car, you can get the replacement done from any online store, a car locksmith, or a car dealer.

However, ensure that the seller or the locksmith is licensed to sell or make duplicate car keys, else you may have to face legal proceedings, and the authorities can charge you with car burglary. It is best to make or buy car replacement keys from the local store as you can be sure about their genuineness and if the work is not done properly you can get them changed.

A good car locksmith using modern technology and gadgets to make duplicate keys can do the job better. Although all car keys of the same model and brand may look identical, the program is always a bit different, or the shape is unique. Therefore visiting the best professionals in your area is ideal for having a solution.


It is indeed judicious to keep spare keys for your car. You do not predict when a simple bladed key will break or the chip inside the transponder or remote key will malfunction. Contact the best car key locksmith in your area and make a spare key so you can use them in your time of need.


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