How Electric Vehicles Save Your Money?

Do you think that buying and maintaining an electric car can be expensive?  Don’t you know electric vehicles can be beneficial for your pocket? If yes, then this article will be helpful to you as here you will get knowledge about how these cars save your money.

An electric vehicle comes with uncountable benefits. Apart from environmental and health benefits, these cars also have several other benefits. The most common question that comes to everyone’s mind is how electric vehicles can save money. Don’t worry, and we will try to give you the best answer to this question.

  1. Subsidies And Discounts

All-electric vehicles are cheaper to buy as governments of several countries give subsidies to the buyer of these cars. Governments are doing this to promote and encourage people to purchase these cars as these vehicles are healthier and good for the environment.

  1. Fewer Registration Charges

Electric vehicles are also cheaper to register as governments of several countries give discounts on stamp duties and registrations. You do not have to spend more on stamp duty and registrations of electric cars.

  1. Saves Running Cost

The running cost of electric vehicles is far cheaper than diesel or petrol vehicles. Electric cars run on a battery pack that requires electricity to charge. The cost of electricity needs to be charged 40 percent less than diesel or petrol for the same sized car. You can save more by charging these vehicles at free charging stations and PV solar chargers.

  1. Less Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of electric vehicles is relatively far less than conventional diesel or petrol cars. Electric cars do not have more moving parts, which means the services of these vehicles are more straightforward than petrol and diesel cars. That is why the cost of maintenance is also lesser than the conventional car. However, you have to change the battery of electric vehicles after a particular time, but the manufacturer of these vehicles suggested not replacing it for around eight years.

  1. Tax Incentive

You can avail of tax incentives for buying an electric vehicle. If you install electric vehicle chargers at your home, you can reduce the cost of installation by claiming tax breaks and incentives. You can claim a 7500 dollar tax credit after buying an electric car. Apart from these, some states in the world are also offering rebates for purchasing an EV.

If you own a business in North America, you can get funding and tax incentives of up to 30,000 dollars from the government. The government gives these funds to promote electric vehicles to your business customers. So if you install an electric vehicle charger or buy an EV, you can claim thousands of dollars from the government to own it.


People expect savings from buying an electric vehicle. You may think that electric cars can be costlier to purchase and maintain. But it is not. We have told you the financial benefits of owning an electric vehicle. We hope that this article will clear all confusion about the economic benefits of electric cars.


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