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LP’S Quality Meats – Chippendale


Lp’S Quality Meats as the name suggest serves up a wide array of smoked and cured meats, fish is also on the menu with some non meat sides.  Its in a lane way in Chippendale not really a place you would expect to find a restaurant or just walk by. All of the dishes I had were excellent, simple food done really well. If your in the mood for a meat meal I would defiantly check out Lp’S Quality Meats.


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Vitello Tonnato $16- I did not know what this dish was so had to ask the waiter was told its cold sliced veal covered in a creamy sauce. Not something I have had before but I was in the mood for something new so I gave it a go. I’m not the biggest veal fan however this dish was great the meat was soft and full of flavor with out being overpowering. Glad I tried it and would defiantly order it again.

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Coppa $15 – hard to go wrong with cured pork so good two servings were ordered.

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15 Hr Smoked Beef Short Rib $38 – the meat was so soft it was just falling off the bone, with the meat has a strong smoked taste to it.

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Pouding Chomuer with vanilla ice cream $14 – Super sweet tart a great way to finish off a meaty meal. The sweetness of the syrup is balanced with the creaminess of the iced cream, a simple but very tasty dessert.



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Ph: (02) 8399 0929
Bar menu from 5pm Dinner from 6pm–11pm

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Chiswick – Woollahra


Chiswick is set on the grounds of Chiswick Park so it feels like you are in the middle of a garden , you forget that busy Ocean St Woollahra is right there. The space is open and airy with big windows looking out onto the grounds of the park. The food is simple modern Australian cooked using great fresh produce some of it from the restaurants on site garden.


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Crispy fried quail, shallot, ginger $24 – my favorite dish of the meal I could have eaten a couple of serving of them. The crispy texture with the quite strong spices make for an amazing dish.

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Garden radish, Hawkesbury goats curd $24

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Haramassa Kingfish $24

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Whole trout $64 – simple but very tasty! Im not normally a fan of trout as they have too many small bones to pick out. That as no problem as this one had all of the bones removed.

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Roasted Moran family lamb with tomato & mint $75 – the lamb really is a must order! The meat is so soft and tender it comes with knife for carving but its not needed as the meat just falls off the bone. Accompanied with mint sauce the two go together so well

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 Wood fired garlic bread with garden thyme $7

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Caramel parfait , peanut praline, peach $17

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Passion fruit pavlova with sorbet $17

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65 Ocean Street, Woollahra NSW

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Est. – Sydney

Est is situated on George St above Establishment and is he headed up by Peter Doyle it currently has two SMH chef hats although in the past it has held three.

The menu for lunch is $69 , $95 or $118 for two , three or four courses. The service is impeccable when the food comes out the plates are both placed presented on the table at the same time in what seems like choreographed movements.  All the staff are so knowledgeable about the dishes not just the ingredients but how its prepared and cooked.

The last time a ate at Est was a few years ago I remember bring very impressed by it,  it was also one of the first posts on this blog.  Fast forward to toady I was equally as impressed the presentation & taste of the food together with the amazing service made for a very enjoyable lunch at Est.



Salad of spanner crab, almond cream, baby zucchini, heirloom tomato jelly, basil such a beautiful dish and it tastes as good as it looks! As it was described in the menu as a salad I was not expecting something like this to come out.

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Burrata, muchamiel tomatoes, nectarine, jamon, witlof, walnut puree, sourdough crisp 

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Spinach ricotta tortellini, snap peas, shimeji mushrooms, green shallots

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Moreton bay bug, grilled leek, broccoli puree, lemon, seaweed, nasturtium

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Lamb loin, toasted farro, black garlic, sheep’s milk yoghurt, baby turnips, rosemary

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John dory fillet, cauliflower, pine nuts, vadouvan, yoghurt, agretti, green grapes

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Chocolate whiskey delice, burnt bread ice cream, rye tuile, chocolate crumb

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Est Resturant 252 George Street, Sydney

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