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Singapore Airlines A380 Suites , Sydney to Singapore

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Yasaka Ramen


Yasaka Ramen is a new place on York St serving up Tonkotsu ramen with a full range of other Japanese dishes. I arrived early for dinner on a weekday just before 6 and there was no queue however when I came to leave there was a big line down the road so unless you like waiting best to come early or late.  The place has ramen themed decor pictures on the wall banners with there slogan “no ramen no life”.


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Takoyaki with special  sauce 4 balls $6 – these were really good soft batter with a tender piece of octopus inside topped off with a sweet sauce and mayo

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Karaage Chicken 3 pieces $4.8

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Takana Rice $3.80

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Edamame $3.50

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Gyoza Pork $6.50

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Tonkostu Shoyu $12.80 –  The soup here is on the thicker side not as thick as Gumshara but still thick rich fatty pork broth with a firm noodle.


Yasaka Ramen – 126 Liverpool St Sydney

minilogo Yasaka Ramen

Pei Modern – Sydney


Located in the rear of the lobby of the Four Seasons in the Rocks is Pei Modern Marks Best new restaurant in Sydney. Its a large space set around an open plan kitchen despite its location in a five star hotel Pei Modern has a casual ambiance.

This was an impromptu visit so I did not have my camera with me so I snapped away my iPhone6+ thinking like in the  past the pics were not going to be ‘good’ to use in a blog post. When I checked out the pics on I found they were better than expected , good for a post. This is great for me as so many times I found myself at a restaurant without my camera and I don’t end up blogging about it. No doubt in a darker place the phone still wont cut it but for a well lit restaurant if I leave my camera at home or just cant be bothered taking it (this happens frequently) I now have an alternative.


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Bread complementary -

Pei Modern Sydney Upforafeed 1 of 3 Pei Modern    Sydney

Culatello ‘King of Prosciutto’ 23 – delicious mild tasting meat that just melts in your mouth served with thin slices of pear.

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Kingfish “Ham from the Sea” $16 – a standout dish the fish is cold smoked for two weeks and this gives it a strong flavour not to dissimilar to a cured meat but with a fishy taste coupled with a wafer thin slice of rock melon makes a perfect taste combination.

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Tiger prawns and slow-cooked pineapple $23 – I was a little disappointed with this dish it sounds great on the menu however it lacked any standout flavor too salty for my taste and the pineapple was not that sweet to offset the saltiness of the prawns.

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Ricotta dumplings, kale, hazelnuts $30 its not often i deiced to order a veterinarian dish but this one sounded good and I was not disappointed. The dumplings are soft and fluffy with a butter taste sitting on a bed of kale topped with crunchy hazelnuts creating a complete flavor & texture

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Spiced doughnuts, blood orange, whey butterscotch $16 – all of the items on the dessert menu sounded great it was hard to choose as everything appealed to me. The doughnuts are a simple dessert done really well. The blood orange and the butterscotch go great with the spice of the doughnuts.

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Some food being prepared on the pass

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Chickens hanging up in the kitchen

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Pei Modern Sydney

Four Seasons Hotel – 199 George St Sydney

minilogo Pei Modern    Sydney

Pizza Gio Vending Machine


Pizza and vending machine are not two things that I would normally associate together. When I first saw this machine at Westfields Parramatta I knew I had to try it out so came back that night to grab a pizza for dinner. The machine is bigger than your normal drink type vending machine about the size of two of them side by side. Considering there are pizzas cooking inside there is no smell coming out of the machine.  Its super simple to order just choose between margarita or salami pay $12 and then three minutes later your pizza comes out the slot in a box ready to go.

So how does it taste? Really good! Its tastes like something made fresh from a pizzeria the dough is thin and crisp with a nice crust and toppings that are full of flavor.  Its says the pizza is sliced but the one I had was not this was no issue for me because I took the pizza home so I was able to cut it but if you planed eating the pizza on the spot it might be a problem.

At $12 for a plate sized pizza its not cheap you could get a pizza for half that in the food court below but considering the taste I think its well worth it. I will be back for more!


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The Machine

Pizza Gio Upforafeed 4 of 6 Pizza Gio Vending Machine

Pizza Gio Upforafeed 6 of 6 Pizza Gio Vending Machine

Pizza Gio Upforafeed 3 of 6 Pizza Gio Vending Machine

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Out it comes

Pizza Gio Upforafeed 1 of 1 Pizza Gio Vending Machine

The pizza