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Lumi Dining – Pyrmont


Japanese and Italian are two of my favorite types of food , the idea of a fusion of the two sounded interesting but I was not sure how they would go together. However after trying it out at Lumi Dining I am defiantly a fan and at $95 for the 8 course menu with matching wines $80 its really good value for food at this level.

The service was laid back but still professional and the waiters had a good knowledge of the food. A couple of the courses were served up by one of the chefs which I thought was cool.  All the food was excellent with interesting flavors and textures along with some beautiful presentation.

Lumi defiantly deserves the two hats they were recently awarded at the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide awards. I dont often return to a restaurant shortly after going there once however I see another meal here for me in the near future.


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Chawanmushi – I dont like Chawanmushi  I find the combination of the egg custard with a fishy/soy taste not to my liking. This however is an  Italian  take on Chawanmushi with the fishyness replaced with Parmesan cheese making it top dish for me and a perfect way to start off a meal like this.

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Beetroot , black seaseme , cream – this one missed the mark for me, salty beetroot topped with a sauce and cream.

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Spanner crab , kolhrabi , yukari

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Ravoli , guyere cheese , porcini butter – my favorite dish of the meal! This ravoli was amazing so much flavor and the mixture of textures makes it a perfect dish. I wish I could have a main sized portion of these.

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Brunt semolina spaghetti , quail , marjoram

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Lamb rib , red misso , leek, lime kosho

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Yuzu , mandrine , licorice,  wakame powder

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Ginger ice cream , white chocolate , passion fruit


LuMi Bar & Dining  – 56 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009

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Modern Australian

Icebergs Dining Room – Bondi


There are few restaurants in Sydney with a more iconic view than the Icebergs Dining Room in Bondi.  On a bright sunny day it seems like the perfect spot from a long lunch. However everything other than the view did not meet my expectations. The service was friendly but unprofessional ,  the waiter had little knowledge of the menu and we repeatedly had to ask for drinks to be topped up and plates to be cleared off the table. Not the level of service and professionalism you would expect from a restaurant of this caliber.

The food also did little to impress dish after dish just missed the mark and simply had no wow factor. I would not rate any dish better than OK and some were I wouldn’t say bad but totally uninspiring.

It just leaves me thinking how did this place ever get two hats?



Burrata alla Caprese $28 – locally produced burrata , Sorbello tomatoes, verjuice jelly, black olive and basil


Piatto di Salumi $39 – A Combination of Shaved Salumi, Olives, Pickles & Grissini



Maccheroni con Gamberoni $42 – organic durum maccheroni with king prawn pieces , safron & fragrant citrus.


Gnocchi Vongole $32 – Handmade gnocchi with spicy clam sauce & herbs


Costoletta di  Maiale $48 – Marinated and grilled free range pork with pickled cherries & crackling


Tiramisu Special $50 – for a “special” dessert it certainly did not look like one, zero effort into the presentation if anything it looked a bit sloppy.


Cioccolato e Olio $22 – Zokoko 68% Chocolate & Olive Oil Mousse, Salted Caramel Crisp & Chocolate Sorbet. This dessert totally missed the mark for me , the olive oil taste was so strong it overpowered the other flavors and made the desert inedible. I passed it around the table and everyone else had the same opinion so it went uneaten.

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View from the table 

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Icebergs swimming pool

PHONE 61 2 9365 9000 –

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Modern Australian

Rockpool est 1989 – Sydney


Rockpool is Neil Perrys Sydney dining institution dating back to as the name states since 1989. The last time I had been to Rockpool was when it was located in The Rocks so it was a few years ago now. The Bridge St location is in an old grand building with high ceilings , a small mezzanine level upstairs with the bar & kitchen underneath it and like Neil Perry’s other restaurants quite dark inside certainly not the ideal lighting for photography.

I had this meal during Vivid where there was a special menu and eight course degustation for $90 where as the regular price is $175 for ten courses. So this was a few dishes short of a regular meal at Rockpool.




Chirashi zushi of snapper, kingfish, bonito and squid


Queensland Mud Crab with silken tofu & fermented vinegar


Prawn mousse ball on squid ink – If I had to pick a best dish this would be it , the flavors and textures go together so well. The crisp covering on the outside of the ball with the smooth & soft center.


Honey and spelt bread served with licorice & kombu butter and fresh ricotta with kale – this house baked sour dough was one of the best I have had in a long time & licorice & kombu butter made it hard to stop eating. I had to resist getting another one as I knew there was still more food to come.


South Australian lamb with buckwheat risotto

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Riccota parfait with strawberries , almond and spliced lemon sorbet


Vacherin of pandan custard with coconut  parfait , sorbet and lime granita


Date tart – this has been on the menu since  since 1984

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Sydney Harbour Bridge & Park Hyatt with the lights of Vivd

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Customs House

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Outside the Museum of Contemporary Art looking towards the city


Sydney Opera House

11 Bridge Street, CBD, Sydney

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