Burger Project – Sydney


I have always been a big fan of Neil Perry’s Rockpool burger so when I first heard of Burger Project I knew it was something I defiantly wanted to check out. I like the whole concept of the shop just simple burgers made with great ingredients served in a casual refined fast food atmosphere.

I really like the burger here & I have all ready been back a few times since I first had it and I will no doubt be back again.

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Cheese & Bacon $9.50 – Grass fed beef , bacon , cheese, pickles, tomato , lettuce and secret sauce.  The meat in the patty is moist and full of flavor cooked slightly rare with some seasoning topped off with cheese & bacon. The salad is fresh and crisp. The only let down I would say is the bun not that it is bad just not up to par with the rest of the burger.

Burger Project - Upforafeed (1 of 2)-2

The Korean Burger $8.90-  how to make a Korean burger take a regular on and put Kim chi on it  interesting combination but it did work well combining two things that don’t normally go together.

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Wings large $9.00-  the wings come with a hot sauce that I got it separate on the side lucky because when I tried it it was way to hot for me. The wings are OK on there own with a salt & pepper coating but to get the full flavor you need the sauce. Like there chips they are deep fried but not oily.

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Chips with sea salt $4.90 – very crunchy and not oily at all

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Vanilla Shake $6.50 Burger project make a really great shake too, so good I came back later in the day to get another!

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Burger Project – World Square 644 George St


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Modern Australian

The Winery – Surry Hills


Picture only post from The Winery – Surry Hills


The Winery - UpForAFeed

Cured meats,cornichons, toasted ciabatta $25

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Dip & olives, chervé, bread $18

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Clam pasta,courgette flower, chilli, garlic, parsley $28

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Handpicked spanner crab,Roma tomatoes, avocado, borlotti beans, aged sherry $26

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 300g Scotch fillet Angus Reserve,150 + day aged, grain fed, Darling Downs QLD $38 – with Cafe de Paris butter, red wine jus



The Winery – 285A Crown St Surry Hills


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Yasaka Ramen


Yasaka Ramen is a new place on York St serving up Tonkotsu ramen with a full range of other Japanese dishes. I arrived early for dinner on a weekday just before 6 and there was no queue however when I came to leave there was a big line down the road so unless you like waiting best to come early or late.  The place has ramen themed decor pictures on the wall banners with there slogan “no ramen no life”.


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Takoyaki with special  sauce 4 balls $6 – these were really good soft batter with a tender piece of octopus inside topped off with a sweet sauce and mayo

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Karaage Chicken 3 pieces $4.8

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Takana Rice $3.80

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Edamame $3.50

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Gyoza Pork $6.50

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Tonkostu Shoyu $12.80 –  The soup here is on the thicker side not as thick as Gumshara but still thick rich fatty pork broth with a firm noodle.


Yasaka Ramen – 126 Liverpool St Sydney

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